March 17th, 2020

To do our part to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus [COVID-19] and ensure the health & safety of the community and our employees, we have closed our office until further notice. Our team will work from home as we continue to strive towards achieving equality for LGBTQI2S people.

During this time of uncertainty and amid a global health crisis, our mission at Egale continues to be more important than ever, as many in the LGBTQI2S community remain some of the most vulnerable. From barriers to accessing health care to facing higher rates of homelessness and poverty or increased risks of social isolation, our community needs support now more than ever. 

Access to Medical Care

LGBTQI2S people in Canada experience stigma and discrimination within the healthcare system, which has led to significant health inequities. These experiences often prevent us from seeking the treatment we need, leaving many to forgo asking for the help they may urgently require. 

21% of transgender & 10% of LGB patients experience harsh or abusive language while receiving care.

8% of LGB & 27% of transgender patients have been refused care.  

Poverty and Homelessness

We also continue to experience some of the largest gaps in housing access and income equality. delete. During a health crisis or pandemic such as this, delete people may feel pressure to continue working, even if it is unsafe to do so. 

Access to safe and affordable housing is a significant concern, and even more at a time like this. However, for many of us, finding and keeping affordable and safe housing continues to be a major issue.

We all need to step up and do our part. Reach out to friends and family members who may be in need (while practising social distancing of course), be kind to each other and support those around you who need it most. 

We will continue to do our work to make sure all of our voices are heard in this time of need. Stay safe, healthy and calm everyone. We will get through this, together.

Helen Kennedy, Executive Director


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