July 14, 2020

Happy Non-Binary People's Day!

With Pride Month wrapping up for many - and just getting started for others across Canada, it's important that we continue conversations around diversity and inclusion and continue to raise our flags and our voices for our community. This 2020 has been a particularly hard year for our community amid the pandemic (see our recent study). However, in times of difficulty, we find our voice and we find ways to continue to lift LGBTQI2S people and issues to the forefront. 


This past month, in partnership with TAXI Agency, we launched a video that takes the international experience of COVID-19 and uses it as a metaphor for our LGBTQI2S community by blending feelings of being trapped inside one's home with the feeling of being trapped in the closet. Although the two don't even come close to a true comparison, it is a small way to help others begin to get a sense of that feeling and hopefully bring all Canadians a little bit further along their Allyship journey.


This International Non-Binary People's Day, we're both celebrating how far we've come with they/them being added to the dictionary just last year among other advances, as well as acknowledging the continued barriers that our trans and non-binary community, in particular, continue to face when coming out. 


Watch our 'Coming Out' video 


For more resources, please visit the Awareness tab on our website at https://egale.ca/awareness 

Helen Kennedy, Executive Director



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Making your washrooms inclusive for everyone – resources to get you started!

Having all-gender bathrooms is a step in the right direction, and is even becoming the norm when it comes to making your event, school, or workplace more inclusive for trans and gender diverse people. To help make life a little easier, we’ve laid out everything you need to know about inclusive, all-gender washrooms and provided you with some resources so you can get started today!

For more information and free downloadable washroom signs click here:




In case you missed it:
Check out our Pride Inside 2020 Guide! 

This is your guide for having #PrideInside this summer (and all year). With resources, virtual workplace inclusion training, shareable online content, and more Egale’s Pride Inside Guide is a go-to resource for engaging your team and connecting with your community. After all, Pride starts from the inside for each and every one of us!


New Research Study on Access to Justice for LGBTQI2S People

Egale is seeking participants to interview in an effort to create a clearer picture of what LGBTQI2S people's experiences with serious legal issues look like across Canada.


Participate in a National Survey


Emergency Community Support Fund Now Open!

Take our survey today!

The Government of Canada’s recently announced a $350M Emergency Community Support Fund as one of the rapid responses to COVID-19.

In an effort to track the rate of approval for applications that are focussed on support for the LGBTQI2S community, please complete this brief survey. The results will provide us with information to advocate for our community with the federal government and determine the success/decline ratio once decisions have been made.


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