April 28th, 2020

The findings of our latest national survey, I​mpacts of COVID-19 on Canada’s LGBTQI2S communities, show that COVID-19 has had a disproportionate impact on the LGBTQI2S community. These impacts have affected our community across the board, from issues with mental and physical health, job security or household finances and more.

It is important that as a community we come together to help one another through this difficult time. 

Our team at Egale has created a number of resources for LGBTQI2S people to help navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic while in "Queerantine". Our resources span from general health tips and mental health resources and legal resources to information for parents, educators, seniors or employers/employees. Our Queerantine 101 resource hub, available on our website, has something for everyone. 

A few of the top resources include:

Visit our website to find our full list of Queerantine 101 resources or to make a donation to help us continue supporting our community during this difficult time and beyond.

Helen Kennedy, Executive Director

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Celebrating the "L" in LGBTQI2S

On April 26th we celebrated Lesbian Visibility Day, a day to show love, honour and raise awareness of challenges that lesbians around the world continue to face. Happy Lesbian Visibility Day!


Tips for staying active during COVID-19

Check out our brand new resource that will help you get moving again during COVID-19!


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